Grill Gloves Heat Resistant: Ultimate Protection While Barbecuing

Grill Glove Cuff to be stitched

Anyone who has tried barbecuing and grilling would understand the importance of owning a good pair of heat resistant gloves. This is because the extreme heat and smoke that is produced heats up the racks and grills which in turn make it difficult to handle them. This in turn increases the chances of burns related injuries during barbecuing or grilling considerably.

If you don’t own the right pair of grilling gloves, it can so happen that the barbeque gloves can either burn or melt while handling the grillers, and cause subsequent injuries. In the absence of adequate protection, a perfect family day spent barbecuing can become a task fraught with danger.

Company Details

It is the foresight and the understanding about the necessity of having the right gloves while grilling which forced the SMM Group to introduce Grill Gloves Heat Resistant in the market. This product has been manufactured under the Grill Heat Aid brand and is currently available in the market.

This company has ensured the use of high quality materials in the production to ensure that its heat resistance quality makes it an irresistible product in the market.

Why was it launched?

These gloves have been designed so that it looks, feels and can be used like regular gloves in place of mittens. The manufacturers ensured that these gloves were designed in a manner that allowed maximum flexibility to the user. This in turn ensures that these gloves become the perfect accessory while barbecuing.

How these Grill gloves are better

These gloves have been made using Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid, which are materials used in the fire fighters’ uniforms. The insides of these gloves have been fitted with soft cotton so that the user does not experience any discomfort while using them. Also, they have been designed so that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear without causing stiffness.

Grill Heat Aid packageThese gloves have been designed to cover up to the wrists, and are flexible enough to allow the users to take out baking trays, sauce pans or pots from the oven or off the stove. There are silicon strips on the hand and fingers to ensure that the utensils will not skid out of hand when held using these gloves.

The presence of Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid ensures that the user can hold hot items for a longer period of time. This is because these fibres provide protection against heat generated inside ovens or grills. This also means that these oven gloves will not catch fire or melt even if exposed to open flames accidentally. This is one of the many reasons for the increased popularity of Grill Heat Aid gloves in the market. Additionally, it is this feature that gives SMM Group the confidence to provide a Life time Hassle free replacement guarantee to their customers.

Grill Gloves Heat Resistant may look like an ordinary pair of gloves but the safety features included in its design is considerable. This is a pair of BBG gloves that offers comfortable fit, ease of use and complete protection from heat generated from griller smoke and flames.

Oven GlovesInvesting in a pair of these Barbecue gloves will ensure that a day of barbecuing with your friends and family doesn’t leave you with blisters and burns but only great memories of a fun filled day.