Amazing Health Benefits of Green Peas You May Not Have Known

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Amazing Health Benefits of Green Peas You May Not Have Known

Green peas contain a decent amount of heart-healthy minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Diets high in these nutrients may be helpful for preventing high blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart disease. Green peas rarely get the respect they deserve. Whether they are shoved aside on plates or thrown away after dinner, people avoid eating them. However, green peas have many health benefits. The next time they are on your plate, consider giving them a chance.

High Blood Pressure Prevention: The nutrients in green peas may prevent high blood pressure. The magnesium, potassium, and other minerals in peas are good for the heart. Studies show that people with low levels of these minerals are more likely to have high blood pressure. In addition, green peas have antioxidants that can prevent cell damage that can lead to high blood pressure.  

Better Digestion: Eating green peas may improve digestion because they contain a large amount of fiber. Most people do not get enough fiber in their diets, and this has a negative impact on their digestive system. Fiber is necessary for the intestines and keeps them healthy. The good bacteria in the gut use fiber as a source of food. Peas have insoluble fiber that can act as a bulking agent in the body to move food along, so it is digested easier.

Nutritional Value: There is a good reason why parents encourage kids to eat more green peas. They have many essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires. Green peas are not high in calories, but they have protein. Compared to other vegetables such as carrots, peas have higher levels of protein. In addition, peas are a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin A, iron, folate, thiamin, Vitamin C, and manganese. They also have a high level of Vitamin K.

Blood Sugar Control: One of the health benefits of green peas is blood sugar control. This is important for people with diabetes, but it also affects those who do not have this disease. Spikes in blood sugar levels can affect your energy, memory, and other parts of the body. Green peas have a low glycemic index, so blood sugar does not increase dramatically after eating them. In addition, the fiber and protein naturally found in peas help control blood sugar levels. Protein and fiber can affect how quickly carbohydrates are absorbed in the body. They also help people feel full and avoid overeating.

Good Source of Iron: Peas are a  good source of iron. Iron deficiency is the leading cause of anemia. If you don't have enough iron, your body can't make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells thereby causing hemoglobin deficiency.  Iron helps combat fatigue and gives you strength.

 Builds Immunity: Peas are rich in vitamin C, which makes it one of the best immunity building foods. According to the book 'Healing Foods', "a single serving of peas or snow peas supplies half your daily needs. Peas, especially pea shoots, also contain phytoalexins, an antioxidant that can inhibit H.Pylori, the bacterium that causes stomach and duodenal ulcers, and stomach cancer.

Good for eye health: Peas can also do wonders to your eyes. Peas are packed with carotenoid pigment lutein. Lutein is known to reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration or loss of vision in old age. Peas can also boost eyesight. 

Good for heart: The insoluble fiber content present in peas helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Apart from this, peas also help in ensuring stable blood sugar regulation in the body. Need any more reason to make it part of your diet already?

Weight Loss: The bite-sized peas can help you shed some quick pounds too. Peas are low in fat and also immensely low on calories as compared to heavier legumes like beans and cowpeas. 100 grams of peas contains only 81 calories. The high content of fiber too plays its role in weight reduction. Fiber helps induce the feeling of fullness which keeps you from bingeing into other foods. 

Good for skin: Peas are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which plays a significant role in the production of collagen. Collagen helps keep the skin firm and glowing. Vitamin C also protects the cells from damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants help fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The antioxidants which are present in it such as flavonoids, catechin, epicatechin, carotenoid, and alpha-carotene helps prevent signs of aging too. 

So, When peas are part of lunch or dinner, consider it a blessing. Instead of pushing away the peas on the plate, try eating them. The nutrients in peas can improve your health.

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