After checking out oven mitts on line, my husband and I decided on these due to the high customer rating. Received the gloves a couple of days ago and put them to use yesterday. I was skeptical and very hestitate at first. I put the gloves on and quickly touched the oven rack which was at 400 degrees. Then I touched the oven rack a little longer and felt confidant that they would protect my hands. At the end of the designating cooking time I took the dutch oven from the oven. The gloves worked great. Thanks to the vender for the follow up email and tips on washing the gloves. Definately satisfied with our purchase.

Lisa A. Gohn



These gloves will protect you to the rated temperature, just dont expect them to withstand that heat forever! Also dont let them get wet while you are grilling, or they will get Real hot Real fast.

Troy A Mays



I bought these gloves to use while I was seasoning my cast iron skillet.

Handling cast iron after 15 minutes at 200 degrees: – No perceived sensation of heat through the gloves while maintain a constant grip for about 2 minutes

Handling cast iron after 2 hours at 400 degrees: – No perceived sensation of heat at first contact between gloved hand and iron handle – Sensation of heat with no discomfort first perceived after a 15 seconds with a constant grip

After two hours at 400 degrees, I picked up the very hot cast iron skillet expecting to feel some heat through the gloves but I felt nothing. I was so impressed I kept my grip on the hot iron handle to see how much longer before I felt anything. I began to notice the sensation of heat at about 15 to 20 seconds. I did not maintain my grip after that and set the pan down. I didn’t think it wise to maintain prolonged contact with such a hot piece of iron regardless of how effective of a heat protectant this glove may be. I noticed some heat but absolutely no discomfort. I highly recommend this product.




They do not give the size of these gloves….Ladies, unless you have very large hands, forget it! But men, with large and x-large hands, these gloves will fit you well. They are uni fit so either glove will fit right or left hand…seemed too big for my large hands out of the bag but that is because they are so thick. But they work…the gripping silicon stripes are on both sides so if you wear out one side you can turn them over and use on the other hand. Note: they do not work when they get wet! You will steam your fingers…over all however, they will do the job for me, moving hot racks in and out and rib racks in my smoker.

I do recommend them and Amazon has the best price of anywhere I found them for a pair!

James M. Howard



I gave these gloves as a gift because I have had great success with the glove I use in the kitchen.

You can handle a pan out of a 450 degree oven with complete control!

So it seems to me that use at the BBQ would be as great.

Carole Sutherland



The grill gloves definately stand up to the heat and are much more versatile than any oven mitt. The only improvement would be in lengthening them.

Larry S.



I used these for the first time the other day and they really work well. I was able to turn food on my gas grill without sacrificing my hands. Even with tongs, turning food without these was uncomfortable. I wish they can in sizes since I am a gal and they are one size fits all but I’ll live with the fact that they are a bit too large. Great grill gloves!