Wash Care Instruction

  • Best way to wash gloves?

You can wash your gloves in any domestic or commercial laundry machine with other delicate & like colored clothes, or by hand. The best program is Cotton 40°C. Regardless of what method you choose, make sure to use hot water and a general laundry detergent. The most important consideration is to prevent any grease to build up on the gloves as this can cause localized hot spots in the gloves. If this happens, you only need to put them in the washing machine.


  • Any specific washing detergent?

Use only a normal brand of domestic grade detergent, liquid or powder. Don’t use a laundry detergent with chlorine bleach, and do not use fabric softener, as either could damage the protective outer lining of the glove.


  • Best way to remove stains?

Spot treat any serious stains on your Grill Heat Aid Glove. To spot treat, dab a pre-wash stain remover over the stain and let it sit on the stain for several minutes. The actual time will vary depending on the type of pre-wash stain remover you use, so always follow the label instructions for your stain remover.


  • Best way to dry gloves?

Remove the Grill Heat Aid Glove from the washing machine or washing bucket and wring out very lightly to remove any excess water, then place on a drying rack or clothesline to dry. Dry naturally to preserve the life of the gloves. If used when damp, the moisture will act as a fast track for the heat to rapidly penetrate the glove – therefore, make sure the gloves are completely air dried before use.


  • Tips & Warnings

Do not dry the Grill Heat Aid Glove in any clothes dryer. Do not use the Grill Heat Aid Glove until it is completely dry or if it has grease on it. It is recommended that you wash the gloves to maintain their insulation; they are machine washable and require routine washing if any grease gets on the glove to maintain peak performance. Rub detergent into the fabric gently and use a clean soft toothbrush to rub out any stain softly. Treat stains as they happen. If you’re planning on doing a load of laundry later, be sure to treat the stain immediately when it occurs.


  • Our Special Tip

While the glove is still slightly damp, pull it onto your hand and mould the fabric to give the best fit for your hands. Carefully remove by gently pulling from the tips of the fingers and then allow to dry naturally.