GRILL HEAT AID Extreme 1472°F Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves EN4O7 Certified

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Grab Your Discounted GRILL HEAT AID Extreme 1472°F Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves EN4O7 Certified


  • ★ EXTREME HEAT RESISTANT GLOVES: The GRILL HEAT AID gloves are EN4O7 certified this means you can withstand heats up to 932°F all of this protection while still giving you that all important dexterity you need for things such as using the fryer, smoker, barbecue, oven etc
  • ★ INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Our mitts can be used for whatever wherever whether that's indoors keeping you safe while making your significant other by cooking them an intimate meal. This allows you to focus on cooking rather than worrying about hurting yourself. Which then makes your partner happy meaning you will be happy. The Gloves can also be used outside on the BBQ such as on 4th of July making sure your celebrations don't get cut short from burning yourself.
  • ★ HIGH GRADE HEAT RESISTANCE: Each mitt is crafted with aramid fabric, a type of high performance, heat resistant, and heavy duty synthetic known for its ability to withstand high heat and repeated use
  • ★ SIZING: Whether you're grilling steak, barbecuing ribs, frying chicken or baking fish, these gloves provide maximum protection, allowing you to handle all heat and all cookware with ease
  • ★ GUARANTEE: From over 2000 overwhelmingly positive reviews our gloves not only amaze us but we’re more than confident that they will amaze you with their high grade professional feel. If they do not live up to your expectations then we can offer you a full refund. Item Includes *Exclusive Grill Heat Aid BBQ Techniques, Recipes and Safe Practise Ebook*



Our Extreme Heat Resistant gloves are EN407 certified which means you're safe up to 932°F. Our gloves will protect you from all different kinds of heat, whether its an open flame or it's a convective heat. Our Gloves will keep your hands safe when handling extremely hot objects. Our gloves can even withstand small 


Our gloves can handle all uses whether they are outside being used for a BBQ or Bonfire on the 4th of July surrounded by your friends and family. Or indoors being used to cook an intimate dinner for your significant other using the oven continuously. The GRILL HEAT AID Mitts are able to keep you pain free and safe from all kinds of heat.


We use firefighter approved materials consisting of high grade para-aramid and meta-aramid fibers this is the same type of material that is found in firefighter uniforms.These materials are what gives our gloves the benefits of both dexterity and protection. From other grill gloves we’ve noticed that many of them are only designed to protect you for mere seconds but we understand that you need 


If you burn your hands or forearms its not only extremely painful but its doesn’t look the nicest if your hands and forearms are all covered in blisters and bright red and blistered so making sure you are protected from the heat and flames is important luckily GRILL HEAT AID is THE choice in kitchen and outdoor grill protection. Incredibly heat resistant our gloves allow for you to even put your hands in an open flame and stoke the fire without worry! The 10cm length not only protects your hands but EXTRA CUFF LENGTH gives you that extra unmatched protection. 


Our unique fabric in our kitchen mitts are made with 2 layers of seamlessly knitted high quality materials that leave you protected from all types of heat even extreme heats.


Remember, we've got your back, or hands rather, for life!

NOTE: (Gloves do not protect against heat from hot liquids. Grill Heat Aid is specially designed to protect your hands & fingers from contacting extreme heat when handling hot surfaces around the house in the kitchen & by the grill and fire pit.)